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Denizens of the Deep has the experience and the ability to work safely and effectively in the most extreme environmental conditions. Strong currents, zero visibility, diving depths requiring the use of recompression chambers and mixed gas, or elevated structures such as water storage tanks are well within our capabilities and experience.

Denizens of the Deep personnel are available on a scheduled or an emergency basis to perform any of our commercial diving services, some of which are:

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of trash racks, traveling water screens and intake and discharge piping systems
  • Bridge, bulkhead and pier inspections
  • Underwater welding and burning repairs and modifications
  • Inspection, application and repair of underwater coatings and liners
  • Installation and inspection/maintenance of submarine cable
  • Installation and inspection of underwater erosion control such as Armor Flex™ or Fabric-Form articulated concrete revetment mats
  • Underwater salvage, search and recovery
  • Construction or demolition of any underwater structure

During an underwater inspection, Denizens of the Deep utilizes many cutting edge systems to get the job done. We employ:

  • Closed-circuit color video feeds and recording
  • Still color photography (macro and wide angles)
  • Audio recording of inspector's on-site findings
  • Non-destructive testing such as ultrasound
  • Destructive testing (if necessary)
  • Dye injection
  • The trained mind and discerning eye of experienced inspectors

Written reports on inspections are available upon request.

The data gathered on an underwater inspection allows Denizens of the Deep to plan an effective maintenance and repair program. Underwater pumps, hydrolasers, hydraulic and pneumatic power tools, dye injection, epoxy injection, underwater concrete placement, grouting, underwater welding and burning equipment and a myriad of other tools and systems can be utilized by our commercial diving staff to complete a job.

We offer preventive maintenance programs and often provide a baseline inspection followed by periodic monitoring. Our programs help reduce unplanned shutdowns or catastrophic failure.

We offer maintenance and repair of all marine and waterfront structures, swimming pools and aquariums, leak detection and repair, inspection and repair of water storage tanks, intake structures, pipelines, and submarine cables. Our pipeline diving services include inspection, leak detection, joint repair, debris removal and much more.

Denizens of the Deep offers construction and demolition of bulkheads, seawalls, piers and armour flex and armour form, erosion control (fabric form articulated revetment) installation and much more.